Welcome to Island Farm

Welcome to Island Farm Prisoner of war camp Bridgend


Click on the thumbnails to see full size images. Sorry for obscuring pictures with my name, but other unique photographs of mine have turned up elsewhere. Thanks to Phil Davies once again for sharing many of his photographs with me.

I have assembled this full set in one place, as this was a set taken on one day in the life of the abandoned camp. Some of the pictures are duplicates. Descriptions if relevant are below the pictures.


View of the camp from the top corner. Directly in front, the foundations of a single building can still be seen. The Wash house. Same view at ground level looking at the football pitch. German graffiti, noting shower detail. Behind the married mans quarters (British), the plant room. General view external typical hut.
External Hut 9 General view external Interior GFM Hut General view external Mess hall exterior
Ulla, one of the ladies of Island Farm Mess hall exterior General view external General view external General view external
General view external General view external German Script A Vase with flowers Map of Northern Europe
Weathered by time...... Map in GFM Hut Another of Island Farm's Ladies View accros parade ground towards Mess Hall Walkway connecting huts.
Shot in GFM Hut General view external General view external M.T Sheds General view external
General view external Watermill Wash time General view external General view external
View of Mess Hall General view external of British Guard Huts taken from in front of Mess Hall British Guards Quarters Inside M.T. Sheds Internal shot of Hut
The largest Hut onsite, GFM von Rundstedt's Hut, at the top of the Camp General view external, showing field that the escaping POWs would have to cross. Inside Mess Hall, where General von Senger, the defender of Monte Cassino would play the piano. Internal shot of Hut Internal shot of Hut
Sailing ships on the wall German countryside Church Flowers German script
General view external Sketches POW Porridge Another Lady German Church
Portrait in a frame ! Sailing ship Sweetheart Ah, Monika Map of northern Germany
Main Entrance to Island Farm just off A48        


All Pictures belong to the author, donated to him by Phil Davies of Bridgend.

Updated 03rd July 2009