The Cold War : Movies

Threads 1984
There have been many fictional films made about a nuclear holocaust , during and after the end of the cold war.

The 3 main films made over the last 60 years are shown below with stills from the films themselves. The first film here, "Threads" was the first film of it's kind which I watched over 20 years ago, and this made an impression upon me, which later on became and obsession. It tells the story of groups of families and individuals and their concerns and worries over the build up of tension between the super powers; and ultimately global destruction when politics fails. It is hard hitting and frightening. Statistics are flashed up on the screen, making worrying reading if this scenario became a reality.


Title It Starts.... ........... Scramble Strike Sheffield
Sheffield Yield Dust Estimate Sheffield .....


Target Milk Bottles London Escalation Firestorm Dust


The War Game 1965
The War game came out in 1965 and was immediately glossed over by the establishment, as it not only questioned the nuclear deterrent, but questions Britain's poor Civil Defence programme when faced with such an almighty holocaust


The Day After 1983
An American contender to "Threads", "The day after" came out in 1983, a year before "Threads", but the story is essentially the same, groups of people, and the struggle to survive the nuclear holocaust. Wonderful opening scene, as a helicopter shot, flying over mid west America, over farms and fields, trees and.................nuclear missile solos....great stuff.
Title Silos B52 Lift off
Missile ICBM Strike Strike


Dr.Strangelove 1964
What more can be said about this classic. East V West, and a nutter with his finger on the button.
Title Strike


When the Wind Blows 1986
When the wind blows is, out of all the films mentioned, the most disturbing. An animated story from the Snowman creator, Raymond Briggs, it follows the story of an elderly couple living in the countryside, on the brink of nuclear war. Having lived through world war 2, they blindly accept that the government knows best, the advice been given is correct, and that things will not lead to war. What follows is their very sad and horrific demise after a nuclear attack, and their blind belief that the government knows best.
Title Title Attack Devastation Devastation
Cruise Missiles arrive at Greenham Common