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23rd Glam (R.O.F) Battn Home Guard

60 years later, Members of The Glamorgan Home Guard Reenactment Society portray members of this Battalion. Below are some pictures of the Group whilst Training. Click on the links to take you to our web site and other links affiliated with the group.
The R.O.F had its own Home Guard unit, the 23rd Glamorgan (R.O.F) Battalion, and it's flag now resides in Coychurch Church. Below are some pictures. History of the Home Guard is to follow after further research.
Coychurch Church The Flag of the Home Guard Battalion The plaque beneath the flag, which reads "This flag was presented to the 23rd Glam (R.O.F) Battn. Home Guard by the women of the R.O.F Bridgend"
Thanks to the Reverend of the church who allowed me to take pictures inside the church.
Glamorgan Home Guard
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