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The Prisoners at Island Farm did many things to relieve the boredom, from sports, gardening and performing arts that would be with us for the next 50 years. They used chalk and made their own paint to apply to the walls. They drew wonderful scenes from their homes in Germany, castles, birds in nests, maps of Europe, and of course, drawings of their loved ones, and their fantasies !

This collection represents just some of the pictures and writing on the wall at Island Farm. Much was lost to the elements over the years, the rest lost on demolition in spring 1994.

 However, thanks to the group "the Eighth Wall art conservation society", a voluntary group who were originally set up to preserve the wall art left behind when the eighth army air force was stationed in the UK, nearly thirty of these paintings and drawings were saved from destruction in October 1992 and April 1994, and are now housed in the south Wales area, safe and sound for future generations.


General Drawings
Germanic Scenes, symbols and Ships.
Castles, shields
Coat of Arms of Berlin, Scenes and Castles


The Writing on the Walls
Writing on the Wall. Some of these dread as "1.Gruppe", others are lists of names, such as Dornberger
More writing, and English instructions, from the early days when it was built as a Hostel.
Writing very unclear, details can be provided by request


The Ladies
The Ladies of Island Farm
The Ladies of Island Farm
Beautiful Maps of Europe