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Reg Dodson

As a teenager, I was very interested in Island Farm, and a trip to the South Wales Police museum was a must. The reason being was two men who had spent many years investigating the camp, collecting items and building up a picture of the camp. Reg Dodson and "Dusty" miller became good friends of mine, and after many return visits to the museum and long discussions with them, they provided me with copies of many of the photographs on these pages, some of them photocopies of von Rundstedt, and even some "original" pictures taken of the artwork and writing at the camp that I hadn't found. Reg was the subject of an article in the South Wales Echo in May 1985, and also featured in a special publication entitled "The Nazis in Ogwr" Extracts from the publication appear here and here, however, this page is a thank you to the two Police Constables who looked after me, and encouraged me to search further.

On many occasions, I would trek to the museum, loaded up with "relics" and pieces "liberated" from Island Farm. They seemed impressed at the time, and one day they presented me with a book. They knew I had a huge interest in the second world war, and the book they presented to me was "army Uniforms of World War 2". This book is always on my bookshelf, and has been a valuable tool for my collecting over the years. They signed the book for me, and a copy of this appears below, the inscription reads "We always help those who help themselves" I believe this had a dual meaning, as I had certainly bee helping myself to Island Farm, which 10 years later, I'm glad I did.

Thanks Reg and "Dusty", credit where credit is due.


Above :P.C. Dodson's model of the camp. One of the most important tools in researching the camp.



Left : Article about P.C. Dodson's project, and model of the escape Tunnel.




Reg and "Dusty" in front of their exhibition at the South Wales Police Museum


The inscription from Reg and "Dusty", who became good friends of mine.