Welcome to Island Farm

Welcome to Island Farm Prisoner of war camp Bridgend



Make a note ! The Hut 9 Preservation Group and BCBC are opening Hut 9, the last remaining building at Island Farm......................Details Below


Situated in a small market town in South Wales, Island Farm Prisoner of War camp had three roles during and after the second world war. Along with two other sites in Bridgend, one in Pencoed and one in Bryntirion, Island Farm off Merthyr Mawr Road was built to house the female workforce from  the huge Ordnance factory in Bridgend, as a temporary home for American G.I.s waiting to help liberate the European mainland from occupation, and as a home for 1000's of German prisoners of war, both during the last months of the second world war, and as a home for the highest ranking officers in the German army.

Politics deemed it necessary to destroy it.

Except for one building, it was crushed.

This site is a collection of hundreds of photographs I have taken over the last 20 years. This is not a re-telling of a great History, that has been achieved with  two definitive books on Island Farm "Come out, wherever you are" by Herbert Williams, and "The German Great Escape" by Peter Phillips.

I have illustrated the site with images not taken by myself, that I have come across over the years, were possible, I have given credit where I know the source. Where I do not know the source, please e-mail me to discuss ownership, and use of the images. Much of the camp photography I know was taken by the Camp photographer, Mr Elwyn James, but the photographs were given to me by P.C. Reg Dodson many years ago, and I think they are relevant to paint a picture of life in the camp.

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Note :This site is dedicated to a portion of history that authorities and narrow minded people seem hell bent on erasing. It is by no means a celebration of the tyranny of Nazism and the appalling treatment of human beings by Adolf Hitler's brutal regime. This is my little piece of a history lesson so we can never forget.

All photographs where indicated belong to the author. If you would like high resolution copies, then please e-mail me and I can send them to you. Where the photographs do not belong to the author, I have taken every measure to try and contact the owner for permission. In case of any dispute, please e-mail me to discuss any issue.


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