The Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgend-ROF 53



Why Bridgend ?
Good Railways(2005)* Good Roads(2005)* Steelworks (2005)* Swansea Dock(2005)* Royal Ordnance (c.1942) Weather(2005)* Panoramic Brackla(2005)*
Coal Wagon at Swansea Museum Taken at the Royal air force museum, Hendon Port Talbot Steelworks Changed quite a lot since the war Machine shop in an unidentified ROF Local weather conditions ! View from the 8 x's looking to Brackla site


Visit to 1940's Swansea 13th July 2008
Ops Room Ops Room Ops Room Pub During WW2 Wartime Scenario Pub During WW2 Wartime Scenario
The Glamorganshire home guard in attendance, being put through their paces !

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