The Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgend-ROF 53




An Historic Day for Bridgend, when a plaque remembering the fallen at the ROF was unveiled. A moving service was attended by many people, some of them families of the people who helped the war effort; some family members of the fallen, who would never grow old.

Our deepest thanks go to those special people.

Members of the Glamorgan Home Guard Living History Group who portray the Platoon (GLN23) who would have defended the perimeter of the Arsenal if invaded. We were lucky to be joined by an air raid warden and a Bobby !


A Proud day for the L/Cpl and Corporal as we march to take our place


Over the Bridge

Forming Up

The Author about to shake hands with Mr Irranca-Davies, who has been so vocal in getting recognition for the Ordnance Workers of WW2

Proud to be with the Plaque

The Plaque, located around the corner from the Cenotaph in Bridgend, Dunraven Place.


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