The Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgend-ROF 53




Production at Bridgend ROF

Bridgend was a filling factory. Components from all of the various Ordnance establishments in the country would be shipped to Bridgend for final assembly.

The Navy was the principal customer of ROF 53, with nearly half of the production eventually going to the Royal Navy. From munitions for light guns, smoke, signals and heavy shells.

The Army received medium rounds, demolition charges, smoke, mortar rounds, rocket components and grenades to name but a few.

The Royal air force also took delivery of bombs and detonators from Bridgend.


Below is a Mortar round (Or what's left of it !) This was found during the excavations near "Cheapside" in Bridgend for the new Asda developement. It is not known if this cam from Bridgend, but it was believed to be from a Home Guard Munitions stash in the area. Click here to see other stories featuring the discovery of Munitions in Bridgend over the years. Click on the images to view.


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