The Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgend-ROF 53



With a workforce drawn from the South Wales valleys, a complex transport system was developed. Tremains Halt, a small platform at the top of the factory would discourge the thousands of workers everyday to go to work in the factories.

Buses would shuttle the workers from Bridgend Bus Station to the factory, and then to  the sister site in Coity. Not much remains today of Tremains Halt, however, one platform, the concrete one still remains, the wooden one long gone.

Map showing the spur off the main line just below the B4181, which was Tremains Halt.

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Workers arriving at the Ordnance factory in Bridgend. The cooling tower seen at the top right of the first photograph is near where the solicitors is now, just adjacent to the railway bridge running down next to Tesco Extra.

The railings to the right of the first picture is in front of the main site offices, which is now the South Wales Police Headquarters.

The above picture shows Tremains halt in this undated picture, possible from the 1960's. The Road to the top of the picture is the B4181. All of the land to above the Halt and below the road is now part of the new housing development in Brackla.

I also have a set of corporate photographs taken in Summer 1942 of the shift change of the Ordnance factory.

The images show the arrival and departure of the trains into Tremains halt. These images are copyright, and I have not used them here. If you would like to see them, please ask me to E-mail them. They are not to be published.




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