The Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgend-ROF 53



Google Earth Co-ordinates : 03 33 08 W 51 29 54 N


The Majority of the buildings on the site have long gone, but there are a few left, many of them converted, but still display blast walls and an older way of construction. Look hard and you will find them. Over the next few months log onto Google earth and I will upload the images and will be able to pinpoint exactly where they are.
OS map from 1960's showing Tremains halt, feed line to 8 X's and Arsenal canteen long before Brackla was developed


Pumping Station* Generator* Pumping Station* Pumping Station* Access Hatch* Pumping Station* Pumping Station*
Overview* Water Inlet* Road access* Road access* North Road* North Road* North Road*
Ariel View Waterton Ariel view Pumping station Blast wall at Coychurch end of site.
Blast wall Blast wall Hump Hydrant point Hump Blast walls
Blast walls can be seen today on some of the buildings HQ New layout, same as old !

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