The Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgend-ROF 53


Why Bridgend ?

Key Factors in selecting Bridgend for the Royal Ordnance Factory :

As described during the introduction, Bridgend was selected for its then distant location from the Bombers of the Luftwaffe. Political factors were also taken into account. Bridgend had a massive amount of men out of work, so work could be provided for some of them. It is interesting to note however, that many hundreds of workers were shipped in from other parts of the country, and skilled labour was also not present in the South Wales area. Exchanges of staff were also not unheard of, were women and girls working in and living in Bridgend were forced to move to other Ordnance plants in the country.

Below are some pictures and links to websites that I hope will illustrate the point of locating this plant in Bridgend.


1. Out of range The History of the German Heinkel Bomber
2. Supply of Coal The Massive coal fields of South Wales
3. Good Railways From my collection of photographs
4. Good Roads From my collection of photographs
5. Steel Industry From my collection of photographs
6. Docks nearby From my collection of photographs
7. Workforce From my collection of photographs
8. Weather From my collection of photographs
9. Prisoner of War camp* My Island Farm POW Site
10. Plenty of Land From my collection of photographs

* Note: Converted after the construction of the Ordnance Factory, it is often said that the German Luftwaffe

were reluctant to bomb the site,

as it was incredibly close to many German P.O.W.s in Bridgend.

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